Delivery and implementation of IT systems

Work on the delivery and implementation of our systems, regardless of the scale, is preceded by an analysis, followed by installation and configuration, tests, training and post-implementation assistance. This simple implementation model minimizes the work on the client's side and guarantees the success of the project.

Data Migration

We offer the possibility to move data from virtually all systems available on the market to our application, so that the customer gets a system filled with data at the start, avoiding the tedious process of manual input of information.

Migration consists of repeated procedures, which improves efficiency in the process of training and testing applications on real customer data


The integration of information systems is a commonly used mechanism to improve the current of information. We offer both offline (through files) and online integration from both sides using mechanisms at database and service level.


We offer our customers services in the field of applications and solutions provided by us and our partners. Elements of the service contract include the terms, range and the period of the services provided. The work is carried out remotely or at the customer's premises.

Service contracts maintain the nature of the SLA (Service Level Agreement) standards.

Training and consulting services

We provide training at the customer's premises. In cases with many more participants, we also provide on-site training at the our company's premises. The training is conducted on the basis of our own materials and sample data. During training, we share not only our knowledge but also experience from the implementation of specific projects.

Another category of services is consulting on technical and formal issues related to the implementation of IT systems and audits of existing solutions.


GAXAM’s products are based on our own gxEngine components, developed in Java and C++ programming language technology that uses ready-made third-party components, both commercial and Open Source. In terms of database, we build applications based on PostgreSQL and provide online integration mechanisms for solutions in ORACLE™, SQL Server™ and Db2™.

GAXAM web applications support HTML5, do not require installation of any plugins and support all commercially available web browsers. The software is optimized for use in low-bandwidth networks with large datasets.

The mobile solution works on Android and iOS. We update our software on an ongoing basis, which ensures continuity and improvement in work quality.

Tailor-made software

The gxEngine platform works perfectly well as a base for creating new solutions, of various complexity, implemented on behalf of the client.